Top 5 Things To Keep in Mind Before Hiring An Escort in Canada

The profession of escorts goes back to the old ages even when the technology wasn’t as savvy. So, if you think that this is something new, you are quite mistaken. Given that you don’t know much about this adult industry, it is quite natural to be curious about it. We, in the industry of escorts, are here to help you out in this matter.

Here, we present to you 5 of the top things you need to keep in mind before hiring an escort service in Canada:

1. Nothing is Illegal – Don’t believe the Rumors

If you are worried about getting caught by the police for getting involved in any wrongdoings, don’t be! Escort services are legal in Canada as long as they adhere to certain rules and regulations. The promotions shouldn’t indicate any transaction based on sexual service.

2. Financials – Average cost of escorts service and kind of services

In Canada, a good escort service will cost you anywhere between $300 to $400 per hour. The prices may go up if you are hiring a VIP escort service. VIP services are provided by quite some companies in Toronto GTA area at $550+. As far as services are included, the promoted services are girl-friend experience, erotic massage, night outs, call-ins, call-outs and many such trendy and erotic services.

3. Never rip-off an escort

Ripping off an escort from her hard earned money is a crime and you better not do it. People usually think that escorts are not protected by law and this is when some anti-social elements decide to jump the gun and use the services of escorts and later, don’t pay them.

let me remind you that escort services are totally legal and the business is protected by the law. Don’t even think of doing anything like that otherwise, you’ll land up in jail.

4. Don’t be rude to escorts – They are professional service providers

Escorts are service providers who are professional to the core. DOn’t be disrespectful to the girls. You are paying for her services, not for mistreating her.

Don’t even try and be physically violent to the escorts. You may think you’d get away from that but that’s not gonna happen. Public shame and humiliation are guaranteed if you even try to assault any girl.

5. Hire from a reputed agency

Always hire escorts from reputed companies. A simple Google search will tell you which ones are the leading ones in your town. It is better if you try to indulge in escort activities out of your hometown. People will judge you otherwise.

I hope these tips will help you in hiring good escorts in future. Till the next Time!

Why Having Regular Sex is Important To Your Well-Being?

Human being always appreciates the company of another human being. Especially when a young individual enters his/her teenage, budding relationships keep them accompanied and nowadays many find the love of their life in their teenage itself. This trait is not same for every individual as not all people are that lucky.

There is another category of people who are goal and career oriented; such people do not have time for relationships as they find satisfaction in excelling in their professional life. When these people start feeling the hollowness amidst the applause of their success, they start realizing what they have lost or missed in their life.

Whether you believe it or not, intimacy is amongst one of the basic needs of human existence and experience. All human beings should have it in plenty, in order to lead a jovial and satisfied life. For people who could not enjoy being in a relationship or any sexual encounters, Escorts Toronto are the appropriate solutions for their needs. Escorts are the most viable companions for anyone seeking sensuous and intimate experience without having to deal with the issues and entanglements involved in normal relationships

Many people just lose hope and start indulging in various activities which harms them both mentally and physically. Instead of harming yourself and cursing what the world couldn’t offer, you should rather identify all your needs and try to fulfill them as life is too short for remorse. When you hire an escort, you get the real experience without any strings attached and you also get to experience sensuality from a different perspective. As you step over a psychological barrier, you get to grow as a person.


10 Things That Will Improve The Lust In Your Bedroom (And Your Performance Too!)

The definition of relationships and marriage have been transformed in the twenty first century. It is also a true and known fact that people often tend to get too stressed with their jobs and career pressure and hence their sexual life begins to take a hit. Under such circumstances, people often forget to notice what is wrong, and it is often too late by the time they have realized what exactly the problem is. Needless to say this takes a toll on the physical and mental well being of the people. But is it something that can be avoided? Yes, for sure, and we are here to help.

Today we bring you ten ways how you can spice up the sexy in your bedroom, so that you can get pulled out of the stress and focus on doing what is important.

1. Cleanliness

Clean room sex

Order is the first law of heaven, and hence your bedroom should have some of it too. You should always try to keep your bedroom clean and organized. The sight of a bedroom in disarray is an instant mood killer for almost all of us. The first instinct in an disorganized bedroom is to clean it rather than have sex in it. You should always try to keep it neat, and organized. If you need some help, you and your partner can discuss what stuff is essential for your bedroom and what needs to move out.

2. Perfumes

J. Sibiga Photography
Flickr/ J. Sibiga Photography

A good perfume can be a real stimulant for sexual urges. You should use some nice fragrance which is appealing to both of you. Studies have shown that sometimes the same fragrance can be appealing to one partner and displeasing for the other. Hence you should be very choosy in picking up a fragrance for the bedroom. You can change the fragrance weekly or every couple of weeks. Such things can make you look forward towards reaching your bedroom and being welcomed by a new aroma. Such fragrances are also known to refresh your mood and make you feel rejuvenated. We bet you never knew perfumes could make so many things happen.

3. Aromatic Candles

Candles aromatic
Flickr/ Paul Bratcher

Aromatic candles are also known to light up things in the bedroom. You can switch off all lights before your intense love making session and light up a few aromatic candles. The slow building of aroma would enrich your love making session and form an association in your minds. Such associations can naturally turn you on the next time you encounter the same fragrance. So much so for looking forward towards your bedroom.

4. The Kamasutra

Flickr/ Roberta Cortese

When sex gets boring, what is the one thing you can do ? Experiment. Most people haven’t gotten beyond the traditional few sex poses. Most couples do not know what is beyond Missionary, Doggy Style and Cowgirl positions. Well, turns out there is a lot beyond these positions. And sex is much much more beyond these things. You should use the Kamasutra to find things that you never knew existed, and find out about what things you like and what you dislike. A fair warning though, a lot of positions and things are not for everyone, hence you should apply your common sense before diving in. If you are unsure of something, there are always escorts to help.

5. Music

Flickr/ jamelah e.

Good music is also known to increase your libido. Is there a song you both like, that makes you feel like doing it ? Why don’t you play it. Got a favourite playlist of your favourite songs, why don’t you put it on while love making. If you want to drop a hint to your partner that you are in the mood for some action, why don’t you put on the same song you had a rough and raunchy love making session a couple of weeks or months ago? Music has been shown to get your partners to do things you are sometimes too shy to ask him to. Nothing keeps the mood alive than a good playlist or a good song.

6. Bubble Baths

Flickr/ Alexandra Stewart

What can get off a tiring day off of your head- A Bubble Bath. Spending some time in the bath tub with your partner can really be rejuvenating for both of you. When you get to be with the person you love, and have some no holds barred conversations with him, sharing each other’s inhibited thoughts with each other, the trust between you increases and the bond between you deepens.

7. Lingerie

Sexy lady in bikini
Flickr/ Juan Davila

If there is one thing that can capture a man’s attention really quickly, it is a women’s lingerie. Almost all men have a fetish when it comes to lingerie. If you don’t know what your partner’s likes are, just casually strike a conversation about lingerie and see what his response is. Then keeping in view his response, it is time to go lingerie shopping. Lingerie is something you have a lot of choices in, and you can use this to surprise him for a really long time.

8. Flowers

Rose petles

Just when you thought you had ran out of ideas on what to do with your bedroom, we found you another one. Flowers. Use fresh flowers for decoration. Nothing yells out sex more than a bed decorated with rose petals. So the next time you are at the florist, see what you can use in your bedroom.

9. Lighting

sexy lighting
Flickr/ Mike Monaghan

Lighting is another aspect that you should not ignore in your bedroom. Install some really sexy, romantic lights in your bedroom that can scream out to your partner what you are wanting him to do all this while. Choose a great pair of lights that can really set the mood in your bedroom. Something which is soft on the eyes is always recommended. Once again, communication with your partner can be a key.

10. Keep Your Phones and Ipads and Laptops Out Too


There is nothing more mood killing than a partner who is on a call when you want to get down with the stuff. You need to be very alert of the fact that your love making time should be yours only. All unnecessary gadgets should be out of your way. No laptops, phones or ipads should ever find your way between your love making time meant exclusively for your partner.

One hidden aspect of all these activities is that it gets partners to talk about their preferences, likes and dislikes etc. Such conversations often reignite the spark that many relationships lose after a while and make them more connected. Such discussions also make people deal with any trust issues they might have been having with their partner, and makes them open up to each other. It is also helpful for new couples who have just begun exploring their partner’s interests and fetishes.

We have always wished healthy sex lives for our reader, and we will keep bringing similar articles in the future. Stay tuned.

How To Make It Big Being An Independent Escort?

Working in Toronto as an independent escort is just way too much fun. There is always this sense of relief and enjoyment that whatever I’m doing, I’m getting all of the compensation. I know it is kind of hard for the beginners to make an impact in this escort industry especially when working independently. Working in an Toronto escorts agency is another level altogether. One of my peers who works in an reputed agency told me that the life she lives is extraordinary. Escort agencies take care of every needs whatsoever. But, there is a price to it. I’ll come to that later.

As I was saying, it is hard to make a solid impact in the industry as an independent escort service provider for newbies. But, where there is a will, there is always a way. I started this journey of mine back in 2010 where I decided to go for it after my education. Yes, we are educated. There is hell lot of difference between an escort and a hooker.

While conducting research on the career opportunities in escort industry, I was pretty much sure that I’m looking to work for an established escort agency. I made a list of agencies based on their reviews, websites and everything which I could find back then. I contacted them and interviews were conducted. I got hired by one of the most famous escort agencies running successfully in Toronto for more than 10 years.

My first year there was just like a fairy tale. I was getting training in all the aspects of escorts services. Workshops were conducted for the freshers in order to make us understand how delicate the relationship between an escort and the client is. Competitions were there. It was all party! In return, the agency was taking a big cut from my earnings. Well there is nothing wrong is it. It is a business and we, being the employees, were getting paid pretty well.

I guess that was not enough for me and thus after 1 and a half years, I decided to go independent. This was not tough on me. I had saved enough during the agencies days that I could meet my ends for 2-3 months straight. This is a very important thing to do. My advise to all the Toronto escorts who are reading this blog will be save as much as you can because you never know when you are in need of money and the source is not there.

I posted my advertisements in different escort directories. mostly were paid ads because those are the ones which really attract the potential clients. The marketing I did for myself was indeed very fruitful. I got responses from all over the country and then even from out of country. I have been to France, England, Amsterdam, and dozens to other countries on my clients’ requests. I don’t think I would have made this big working for an agency. I am earning 300% more from what I used to earn while working for the agency.

There is not sure-fire rule of making it big as an independent escort. I would recommend you to work for an agency at the start as there you’ll learn what it is required. Then, after a year or two, fly high independently!

Did You Really Enjoy Your Evening To The Full?

Many people hire escorts for many different reasons. For some people escorts are a gateway to pleasure, for some it offers a way to escape their monotonous life whereas for many, this is the last and only resort as their jobs and lifestyle do not allow them the comfort of having a relationship. However, one aspect of some encounters is quite evident, clients tend to have a lot of expectations from Toronto escorts and this is not unreasonable as they look forward towards an evening with an escort.

Toronto escorts are very classy and upscale, and they have always held a reputation for highest client satisfaction. Naturally, people tend to have the same level of expectations as they would hear from their friends or colleagues. These girls have been trained to provide a new level of client satisfaction and they would surely make the client feel more wanted. Here are some signs which can help you in identifying if your evening went quite well:

There Was Noise, Apparently A Lot Of It:

Well, to clarify, the right kind of noise. Noise here means the sensual moans of ecstasy which accompany the lustful sessions of love making. The more the noise, the moans, the proverbial ‘begging for it’, the more enjoyable it was for her, and consequently you. Nothing boosts the male ego than the enjoyment he can provide to his partner in bed, which also invites a sense of accomplishment.

You Couldn’t Keep Your Hands Off Each Other:

Needless to say, the successful encounters involve touching, and a lot of it. The rule of thumb would be, if there has to be one, that the greater the amount of time you spent caressing and cuddling with each other, the greater the success and the satisfaction from the encounter for both of you. A good encounter is what constitutes a ‘Good Day at Work’ for Toronto escorts.

You Went Bananas:

Well, this one is quite self explanatory. When two people engage in passionate encounters, many things off the charts also follow. If she did something which wasn’t agreed on earlier, chances are she really liked the stuff that you did. This can arise from anything from ambiance to the special trick you pulled off the books.

She Still Wanted You If It Was Over:

Well, this one is not that easy to judge, but if an encounter goes really well, an escort would drop subtle hints for you hinting that she would be interested in a second encounter. Many escorts drop hints for their clients to pick up if the liked them and if they would prefer to do regular business with them. So if didn’t let you go away for a while, or if she parted with a gentle or passionate kiss at times, it means that she enjoyed the time with you and she would love to serve you again. Yes, take that silly.

A well spent evening is what everyone desires. With the amount of degradation brought into the quality of life of the individuals, the craving for quality time has also increased. We hope that with the signs we mentioned, you would be able to better evaluate the evening you just had.

Rachel’s First Client When She Decided To Become An Escort

The first client for any escort is special. Not only does it mark the beginning of her career, but it also presents a reality check for the individual as to on what levels is the individual ready for an escorting career. Many Toronto escorts decide to leave the business and take an exit just after the first client itself, citing various reasons which most often include not being prepared emotionally and mentally enough to handle such a competitive and intimate profession.

Many escorts work for sometime and then in greed of money, they tend to overwork which takes a toll on their physical and mental stress after a few months, and then they start losing it. Such escorts take an exit too. And then there are upscale Toronto escorts like Rachel, who are crafted for this profession. It is indeed a miracle how many evenings she has saved from being a complete disaster, and it wouldn’t be a hyperbole to call her the Mistress of Seduction. Since we started with the importance of the very first encounter, also known as ‘the initiation’, we bring you the story of Rachel’s first client.

Rachel was working with a large reputed Multinational Corporation after having finished her master’s degree in business management. She wasn’t the kind of a person who would waste too much time on the emotional aspects of the relationships, although she was a master of the art of sensuality and seduction. Soon she found herself looking for something extra, apart from her job, to expand her horizons as a person, and hence she decided to become an escort.

Her first client was a twenty three year old single boy, whose parents had recently divorced. When the client spoke to her for the first time on the phone, it was evident that he was sad and Rachel was a bit stressed, as her responsibilities as an escort had just risen up. Not only did she have to satisfy him, she also had to cheer him up first. When she went to his doorstep for an outcall, she saw a good looking man, who was upset and wasn’t even sure if he wanted to continue with the encounter. What Rachel did next was remarkable. She started a conversation about why the client was sad. Then she struck a chord with the client by improvising and saying that her parents too, had got divorced recently and that was the reason she got into this profession.

While carrying on this simple, innocent conversation she began dropping hints of intimacy and soon the client was where she wanted, both emotionally and physically. She offered the client a massage for which he undressed, and lied on the bed. She used some oils which were already there for her, and carried forward with providing the boy sensual touches of her body and her womanhood.

A few moments later they both were over each other, and they shared a bond of sensuality that they even share till now. Needless to say, the boy became a regular, and is one of her top clients even till today. There are many other escorts with Ace Toronto escorts too who have had success into turning many similar evenings into a successful encounter.


In calls and Outcalls: Which is the Best Escort Option for You?

If you have been hiring escorts for long, chances are that you might have been accustomed to a particular type of call method, either in calls or out calls. An in call is when you pay a visit to the escort’s place or the agency for a visit. An outcall is when the escort comes to your place and you have arrangements for the encounter there itself. Today we are going to take a look at the various types of operations with Toronto escorts, and their suitability to different situations.

If you are living in an area, where the neighbors can have an easy access to the visitor’s identity, an outcall can be a risky proposition. Many people engage in such encounters outside of their relationships and marriages, and hence calling an escort to your residence is simply not the right choice. Also, if you are on a tight budget and would prefer to pay by the minute, in calls are the better option since outcalls often include the expense of the travel and the driver , car etc. which needless to say are billed on your account. If you are looking for something really quick due to lack of time or just for the sake of doing it, in calls are the better choice. If you are looking for something superficial and are willing to risk going into an establishment of an agency or the escort’s choice, in calls are the choice. In calls are also preferred if you really want to keep your personal endeavors a secret and want to avoid this to enter the knowledge domain of people you might know.

If you are looking for something more deep and extended, such as the girlfriend experience or if you are planning on taking a trip or going to a social event, and you need a companion, outcalls are the option. They provide you with the option to interact with a variety of external factors, which if dealt with properly, gives you a more complete experience. If you want your mind to be at peace while you enjoy a deep sensual message or intertwining of your bodies, outcalls are the clear winner. In case of social events, not only do you avoid boredom and loneliness, you get to have the chance of knowing a person. Since most of the escorts belonging to Toronto escorts solution are upscale and well educated, you can have some really meaningful conversations and get to know the other person. Many escorts prefer only outcalls because it gives them an opportunity to get exposed to different walks of life and they get to have meaningful experiences which help them grow as a person. If you are someone who hasn’t done this ever before and this is your first time with , we would recommend you to book for an outcall. Since you would be at your place, you would be more relaxed and less anxious and any surprises would not sweep you off your feet, neither would you be running around with your pants in your hands. But you need to reciprocate the comfort to your escort because she might be anxious.

We hope that with the information we have provided in the post, you would certainly be able to make the right and informed choice about the type of booking you want to make.